Pizza Favourite offers what is required of a truly robust pizza oven. It features thick stone hearths, top-hood, a firm hatch with thick heat reflective glass, smart digital control panel and a pull-out unloading shelf. The oven’s exterior is coated in stainless steel, which makes it easy to keep clean.

Low operating costs
All our ovens are equipped with 120 mm thick insulation which means that the oven is evenly heated on the inside and emits less radiant heat. In turn this leads to a more pleasant working environment and lower energy consumption. The electronic adjustment also contributes to making the oven operate more economically.

Electronically controlled
Each deck is regulated separately. You select preferred temperature and easily adjust the intensity of the over/under heat function. It allows the oven to provide further even heat distribution.


Economy saving function
For those moments with less pizza baking you have the option of putting the oven in standby mode. With a simple tap on the ECO button you can cut energy
consumption in half.

Turbo function
The turbo function activates automatically during start-up and simplifies work during peak hours.

Autostart and timer
Using the control panel you can program when the oven will both turn on and off. This way you can arrive at work with an already warm oven. You can also set the timer to remind yourself when baking is complete.

Top-hood & pull-out shelf as standard
Pizza Favourite is fitted with a top hood that can be easily connected to local exhaust ventilation. In addition, a pull-out unloading shelf is included.


With a Pizza Favourite from ABBU you can start small and gradually expand the oven with up to three decks as your business grows. In addition, the modular configuration allows it to be easily carried into place, piece by piece.

Five sizes
In addition to the ability to choose the number of decks for your Pizza Favourite there are also five oven sizes to choose from. Two variants for large pizzas and three variants for standard sized pizza.

Robust legs
The oven is delivered with stainless steel coated legs equipped with swivel castor wheels. The front wheels can be locked.


  • Bottom unloading shelf between the ovens legs
  • Pizza peel holder
Designation Capacity per section Effect (kW)/section
Effect (kW)/section
Effect (kW)/section
Outer mesurements
width x depth (mm)
PF4 4 pizzas 5,0 5,5 6,0 1130 x 945
PF4L 4 pizzas (large) 7,1 7,8 8,4 1390 x 1090
PF6 6 pizzas 7,1 7,8 8,4 1530 x 945
PF6L 6 pizzas (large) 9,5 10,5 11,3 1730 x 1090
PF8 8 pizzas 8,6 9,5 10,2 1870 x 945